InDesign for Book Publishers


InDesign for Book Publishers

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10am 2nd July
4.30pm 3rd July





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InDesign for Book Publishers

InDesign is the industry-standard page-layout application used by publishers to create documents, books, magazine and newspaper layouts and more. If you are a designer or artworker, no doubt you’ll use the program every day, but what if you are an editor or aspiring publishing professional who needs to learn how to navigate the software well enough create new documents and to modify existing ones If you want to build your confidence in InDesign this course is for you.

This workshop has been designed to take the fear factor out of being called on at short notice to produce or modify documents, from AI Sheets, product catalogues and publicity materials to sample pages for a book and keep your documents looking professional and ‘on brand’. It can be daunting, if you are not a designer, but once you know what you are doing, your confidence and efficiency in using the application will soar.

If you’re looking for a fun, well-structured and practical course, tailored specifically to publishers, this course is for you.

This course will equip you to be able to:

• Understand what to consider when planning your new project;
• Understand how to set up and save new single- and multi-page documents in InDesign;
• Understand file type, document properties (including page size, margins, bleed, slug, pages and more);
• Understand the key elements that make up a page layout;
• Understand how and why you should use Master Pages and what elements can be included in them;
• Number multiple pages and sections of your document;
• Understand Objects, Layers, Custom colours and Styles and how to create them;
• Understand how to create and format Text Frames;
• Add text to your document and modify it;
• Understand the basics of typography;
• Add shapes and images to your document and modify them;
• Understand the best tools to use for the job at hand;
• Prepare your files for print or digital upload;
• Use what you have learned to create simple layouts for an AI sheet, interior of a book or catalogue and more.
• Modify or update text and images on an existing document or template;
• Take in authors’ and proofreaders’ changes with confidence;
• Problem-solve when the updated text won’t fit, or if fonts or images are missing;
• Know which issues you can, and should, fix and which you should pass on – and why;
• Work comfortably on your own or with a team on existing documents and be able to check them before exporting final files for commercial printing or digital upload.

We keep the groups small to ensure that we can help everybody one-to-one.

We limit the numbers on this course to ensure we can give everyone individual attention.

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